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“Blossom with the beauty of stone”

Queensland, Australia

I am an Australian-based sculptor with more than 35 years of professional experience. I moved to Australia with my family from Amsterdam, Holland at the age of 12. My love for art started with enjoying spending time with my father, a Dutch artist and painter, in his art studio. After Art College, I held positions on the Warana Festival Committee (Brisbane), the Crafts Council (Queensland) and Society of Sculptors Queensland (president 1983—1985), to promote public art and sculpture in Queensland and Australia. My motivation is to present meaningful sculpture for public display or private enjoyment. I chose the motto “Blossom with the beauty of stone” as I mainly carve stone and it is a beautiful natural material that is very popular with people and fits well into just about any environment.

The artist’s journey

Read about my commissions, exhibitions, public art and private collections, sculpture symposiums and the highlights of my career so far. Although I’ve created hundreds of sculptures up until now, I am still growing as an artist and sculptor and I still take delight in each new creation. Thank you to all those who’ve supported my journey over the years. I believe the best is yet to come.


Granite & other hard stuff

Antone at work

The Mystery

The Croc

Work selected for Shanghai Sculpture Park, China, in 2011

Established studios at Cedar Creek, Queensland in 1988 and reopening sculpture park 2016.

Creating The Way of the Sage group of four sculptures at Macquarie University 1993-94.

Creating The Elements at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, on the beach in 1992-93.

The Croc, Townsville

Flowers for Andrea Robyn, Emu Vale

Lily of the Lockyer Valley

Contemplating the Gate of Illusion, Taiwan

Many of my recent works explore the wonderful forms of flowers, for their natural beauty as well as for their representation of the vibrancy and multifacets of life, our connection to the natural world and the mystery that is still to be revealed.

The Croc is a work I created in collaboration with indigenous artist, Thomas Illin, for the Jezzine Barracks public art sculpture walk, Townsville. It was great to bring Thomas’s amazing 2D design to life in 3D and have fun with painting the granite after polishing it to a shine. This was a work many months in the making but the result was fantastic! You can view more of my previous works on this website.

Thanks for visiting my website and you’re welcome to call or email to ask about a sculpture for your special place or project or to arrange a visit to my sculpture garden.





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